New-Student Orientation

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New-Student Orientation (NSO) is an important orientation program where you'll learn more about the college, connect with faculty and advisors, and learn to plan and register for your classes. Once you complete NSO, you'll have the resources to transition to MCC with ease.

All new full-time students are required to complete NSO in order to register as a full-time student. NSO is a self-paced online program.

While NSO is optional for new part-time students, we strongly encourage you to take it.

  • When will New-Student Orientation be available?

    In order to protect our students and staff, we will be offering online orientation this summer. Our new online orientation program will be available in late May or early June. We'll send you an email and update this page when it's ready.

    Be sure that we have your current email address on file and not the email address that you used in high school. If you need to provide us with your current email address, email your name, student ID number, old email address, and new email address to

    We understand that preparing for college can be a stressful process and we assure you that you'll be able to register for courses in plenty of time. Keep in mind, in typical years, our first-year students don't register for courses until late-June, July or August. By offering an online orientation, we're enabling you to register for courses much earlier than typical incoming students. You're actually ahead of the game!

  • What should I be doing now?

    Review the New-Student Checklist

    You may register for up to 11 credits before completing orientation. Once you complete the online orientation in late May or early June, you'll be able to register for your final class or two.

    An 11-credit courseload is considered part-time. You're not required to take orientation if you are attending MCC part-time but we strongly encourage you to take orientation.

  • What happens if a class I want fills up?

    Once you complete your online orientation, you'll be immediately contacted by an assigned academic advisor. This advisor will work with you one-on-one to arrange your fall semester schedule.

    We understand that you may be worried that every class will fill-up in the meantime, and that's a reasonable worry to have. We in the advising and orientation office are confident that we can arrange an ideal schedule for you after the orientation is available. You don't need to feel pressure to completely self-advise at this point.

    With that said, if you're looking at classes already, you can start to enroll in classes now, up to 11 credits. If you feel confident doing so, we recommend that you register for courses with the fewest seats available or courses with fewer sections being offered. For example - MCC offers many sections of English 151 and there will probably be many options available to you when the online orientation is open. But, if you see a class that only has a few open seats and only one or two sections of the course, feel free to be proactive and enroll in that seat through Self-Service.

    If you need help, call Advising at (815) 479-7565 to schedule a phone or video conference appointment with an Advisor.

    In the meantime, there are some excellent videos to guide you through class registration.

    Remember that we're here to help you. Trust that you are not behind in the new-student process, work on the New-Student Checklist and hang tight. We'll let you know when the brand new online orientation is available.

Email us at with questions about your next steps.

Attend a New-Student Orientation Lab

Attend a New-Student Orientation lab if you would like support planning and registering for your classes.

For additional support, you can choose to complete New-Student Orientation Online!

Contact us by calling (815) 479-7712 , emailing or visiting us in Advising, A257.

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