Course Formats

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Section and Program Description
Section Program Description Contact
Fast Track Program Section The Fast Track offers an opportunity to earn professional certificates and degrees that will give students the advantage they need when competing in today's workforce.  All courses in the Fast Track program are arranged in a sequence that provides optimal learning opportunities. (815) 479-7831
Business Simulation Section Students enrolled in various academic disciplines work together in one class to simulate an organization to create a successful business plan and bring a product to market. Key course objective is to simulate a business environment practicing critical skill sets such as working in teams, market research and presenting their professional business plans to "investors." (815) 455-8739
Blended (Hybrid) Section With the same instructional material found in traditional courses, Blended (Hybrid) courses are designed to offer both online instruction and classroom instruction. This is a Blended (Hybrid) course section which meets on-campus for a reduced amount of time; a significant portion of the coursework is completed online. (815) 479-7878
Online/Internet Section Online classes are easily accessible via the Internet. MCC uses a user friendly class management program called Canvas that supports virtual classroom participation. (815) 479-7878
PCCS Section Partnership for College and Career Success. Academic, career, and technical education courses through MCC's High School Plus program. Exclusively for high school students to earn college credit. (815) 455-8569
Try a Twofer! MCC Learning Communities - Where Ideas Intersect Explore two classes at once - and get double the credit. Learning Communities are co-taught, interactive courses that combine various disciplines in an immersive learning environment. It's a twofer for your brain. (815) 455-8735