Plan to Transfer but are Undecided about a Major

Are you on track in your Career Planning?
Timeline What you should be doing.

Any semester while undecided on your major

  • Concentrate on doing well in your classes.
  • Check out student athletics, music ensembles, organizations and/or on-campus jobs if you’d like to get to know more MCC students.
  • Contact the Counseling Department to set up a Career Counseling appointment or enroll in a Career Decision Making class (PDV 110). A counselor can show you what your options are and teach you how to make a decision about your college major. 
  • Meet with an Advisor to get help with choosing next semester’s classes and to learn about how courses transfer to other colleges. Tell your Advisor if you are Undecided about a major and any college major ideas you’re considering.
  • Ask for help if you need help.

When should I
choose a major

  • Most majors should be decided by the sophomore year, a few Majors (such as Art, Music, Engineering, Science majors) should be decided in the freshman year if you do not want to extend your time in college. 
  • Why?

  • Some 4-year college majors have admission requirements for the Junior level Major courses (you may need to complete certain courses in the freshman and sophomore year, and may need a GPA higher than a 2.0).  The sooner you know your major, the better your chances will be to complete your Bachelors Degree in a shorter amount of time, and the better your chances that you will be admitted into a Major that has special Admission requirements.

How long does
it take to pick a major?

  • Choosing a major takes thought and research, it may take a few months to decide.
  • An MCC Counselor can guide you through the decision making process to help you stay on track in making your decision.