Pursuing a short-term career program, but undecided about which program?

Are you on track in your Career Planning?
Timeline What you should be doing

Meet with an advisor each semester

  • Tell your advisor that you're not sure of what you want to study. If you have a few ideas of possible majors, let your advisor know so that your advisor can give you the best classes possible for your possible majors.

Any semester while undecided on your major

When should I
choose a major?

  • Since every career program requires different courses, you should get help from a counselor as soon as possible to get help with choosing a career program.  This way you can take the courses you need for graduation as soon as possible. 

How long does
it take to pick a major?

  • Choosing a major takes thought and research, it may take a few months to decide.
  • An MCC counselor can guide you through the decision-making process to help you stay on track in making your decision.