Undecided about a College Major and about whether to Transfer to a 4-year college after attending MCC

Are you on track in your career planning?
Timeline What you should be doing.

while undecided:                     

What’s the difference between MCC and a 4 year college degrees?

  • MCC offers Associate’s Degrees and Certificates.  Some Associate’s Degrees are the same as the first two years of a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree and MCC credits can transfer to count toward the Bachelor’s Degree.  Certificates and career and technical Associate’s Degrees prepare students for employment upon completion.  Learn more
  • See MCC’s Areas of Study and Career and Technical Programs.
  • Learn about career programs offered through Joint Agreements with neighboring community colleges.

When should get help with
Choosing a major?

  • Students who are unclear about their educational goals usually feel less motivated about their classes.  Therefore,
  • It is highly recommended that you seek help from Counseling with your decision-making as soon as possible during your first semester at MCC.

How long does
it take to pick a major?

  • Choosing a major takes thought and research, it may take a few months to decide.
  • An MCC counselor can guide you through the decision making process to help you stay on track in making your decision.