Career planning if you're going to transfer to a 4-year college and have chosen a major

Are you on track in your Career Planning?
Timeline What you should be doing
  • Meet with an advisor to discuss transfer school requirements and next semester’s classes.  Early Advising in September and February is recommended to beat the crowd and have more time to talk with your advisor.
  • ŸCheck out student athletics, music ensembles, organizations and/or on-campus jobs if you’d like to get to know more MCC students.
  • Frequently check the visiting College Rep schedule so you can talk with a Rep from any of the colleges you are considering attending.
  • Ask for help if you need help.

Freshman – first semester

(Will have up to 15 semester hours completed at end of semester)
  • Concentrate on doing well in your classes.
  • Research career options for your major, and/or talk to faculty who teach courses in your chosen major about career options.

Freshman – second semester

(Will have 16 - 30 semester hours complete at end of semester)
  • Make a list of colleges that you may transfer to, and their admission requirements.  Go to: Who offers my major? or speak with an advisor if you need help finding colleges.
  • Check out Career Services workshops to develop more sophisticated job search skills.
  • Organize your plans for visiting and applying to 4-year colleges, note the application deadlines.  Contact the Advising and Transfer Center if you need help.
  • Update your résumé.

Sophomore – first semester

(Will have 31 - 45 semester hours complete at end of semester)
  • Visit colleges you are considering and learn about their Transfer Student visitation days, housing and financial aid options.
  • Start applying to 4-year colleges, according to colleges’ application deadlines.

Sophomore –  second semester

(Will have 46+ semester hours completed at end of semester)
  • Application process for admission to 4-year colleges should be complete.  Follow instructions from 4-year college regarding registration, housing, financial aid, etc.
Additional semester(s)
  • Some students stay longer than four semesters at MCC, use “semester hours completed” as guideline for when to work on the career planning tasks.