When Do I Choose a Major?

MCC does not require students to choose a major by a particular deadline.  However, students who have chosen a major tend to have more motivation toward school, earn better grades, spend fewer years in college, and are better prepared to meet 4-year college junior year admission requirements.

Career Planning Timelines

Timelines below suggest things to work on each semester to maximize your college to career success.

I've decided on my career major and …

I'm undecided on my career major and …

Tip: Career planning consists of completing a number of tasks.  Schedule your career planning tasks into your  
weekly or monthly To Do list.

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

College Program Definitions:  What’s the difference between an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree?  What is a Certificate?

Did you know? Some 4-year college Bachelor Degree majors have specific admissions requirements.  While at MCC, students will need to complete specific courses in their freshman & sophomore years and/or must meet a competitive Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement (ranging from a C+ to greater than a B average) in order to be admitted to their major when applying to a 4-year college. Students who postpone choosing a major may find they did not prepare themselves for admission to a transfer major if they choose a major at the last minute.  Meet with an Advisor for more information.