Information about Internships for Employers

McHenry County College and the employer will partner to ensure that the student/intern is performing in a professional manner.  A McHenry County College employee will visit the facility during the student/intern internship to ensure that they are meeting the expectations of the company.  During the visit, the supervisor and faculty member will evaluate the student/intern’s performance throughout the internship.  The evaluation will be completed at the midpoint and the conclusion of the internship. 

Please remember that the students are not actual employees. Students are aware they need to remain professional. However, problems may arise. If a problem does occur during an internship it is important to deal with it immediately. Discuss the situation with the student/intern and try to work out the problem quickly. However, if the situation cannot be resolved between you and the student/intern, call the Career Services office.

McHenry County College students are subject to the Student Code of Conduct. The Career Service staff is committed to a successful experience for both our students and the businesses that employ them. If you have any questions, please contact McHenry County College Career Services at (815) 455-8576.

Employer Intern Evaluation