Health and Fitness Education AAS

If you're interested in obtaining an academic degree and also getting certified as a personal trainer, consider the Health and Fitness Education AAS. MCC's Health and Fitness Education AAS is a two-year associate's degree that builds on the FIT certificate's science-based courses in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. The AAS program introduces a communications component that focuses on your choice of a health-fitness instruction track or a health-fitness management track.

  • Health-fitness professionals hold a variety of positions including personal fitness trainer, small-group exercise instructor, exercise testing and prescription technician, and fitness/exercise instructor.
  • Health-fitness management positions include personal training manager, fitness manager, and supervisor of wellness services.

You'll learn to access, evaluate, and prescribe exercise for a variety of individuals throughout the lifespan. In addition, MCC offers you a unique training opportunity to work with individuals with physical and mental challenges through our relationship with the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (NISRA) and Special Education District of McHenry County (SEDOM).

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(in-district) Total Amount: $9,745

Credit Hours to Complete: 60

Weeks to Complete: 64

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Sample Semester 1 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-151#3 hrs,HFE-121#1 hr,HFE-171#3 hrs,HFE-150#3 hrs,HFE-170#2 hrs,HFE-175#3 hrs,MCC-101#1 hr

Sample Semester 2 18 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: SPE-151#3 hrs,HFE-251#3 hrs,HFE-151#2 hrs,PSY-151#3 hrs,HFE-105 | HFE-106#1 hr,BIO-157#3 hrs | BIO-138#3 hrs

Sample Semester 3 15 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: HFE-250#3 hrs,HFE-260#3 hrs,HFE-152#3 hrs,BUS-162#3 hrs,Select a Sociology or Anthropology Course#3 hrs

Sample Semester 4 15 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: HFE-270#3 hrs,HFE-271#3 hrs,HFE-255#3 hrs,HFE-176#3 hrs,HFE-120#1 hr,Select a Sociology or Anthropology Course#3 hrs

Sample Semester 5 2 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: HFE-279#2 hrs

Career Outlook

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What you need to know about getting your Health and Fitness Education AAS (CIP 31.0501)

Total Health and Fitness Education AAS Costs
Cost in-district out-of-district out-of-state international
Tuition $7,290 $19,749 $27,763.8 $27,763.8
Additional Costs $2,455 $2,455 $2,455 $2,455
Program Total $9,745 $22,204 $30,218.8 $30,218.8

What makes MCC's Health and Fitness Education AAS program better than or distinct from similar programs at other institutions?

  • MCC's HFE program offers you several options:
    • The Health and Fitness Education AAS including preparation for national certification. (Note: There are very few AAS degree programs in Health Fitness Education in the U.S.)
    • The Health and Fitness Education AAS with a bridge program with Northern Illinois University for a Bachelor of General Studies in Health and Human Sciences.
    • The F.I.T. certificate/program as preparation for national certification.
    • Select classes for outside careers available.
    • Intersession and summer courses are offered for students home on break.
  • MCC has a good reputation with our many fieldwork sites.
  • Learn more by reading our HFE frequently asked questions.
  • Mission

    The mission of McHenry County College’s Health and Fitness Education Program is to develop students who are skilled in providing theory, activity, and career training classes. Students who graduate with the HFE certificate or degree can work as a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer in a variety of settings: health clubs, fitness or recreation centers, universities, sports programs, hospitals/rehab centers, resorts, community centers/park districts, and clients’ homes. MCC students shall be distinguishable by their critical thinking, effective communication, professionalism, and technical competency. Students will use current and contemporary practices to demonstrate mastery in the Program Learning Outcomes.

  • Program Learning Objectives
    1. Students will demonstrate a practice of healthy-active living.
    2. Students will demonstrate professionalism during all academic endeavors and internship activities.
    3. Students will secure viable employment in one of the health professions.
    4. Students will complete the Associates in Applied Sciences Degree in Health and Fitness Education and/or the Fitness Instructor Training (F.I.T.) Certificate.
    5. Students will investigate and consider pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Northern Illinois University.

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Semesters to complete assumes students are taking a full-time credit load of 12 credits per semester (the minimum required for federal financial aid).

Proportion of students completing in normal time is the percentage of completers who earned the credential within the specified time of their first enrollment at the College.

Students attending part-time or changing their program of study are two common reasons why they may not complete in "normal" time.

Tuition and fees are set by the Board of Trustees. Prices for books and supplies are subject to change.

See additional information about international student costs.