HFE Degree Program FAQ

The fitness programs at MCC produce personal trainers, small-group exercise instructors, exercise testing and prescription specialists, strength and conditioning coaches, and health-fitness managers or supervisors. Here are some common questions and answers about the programs.


What is the job outlook for health-fitness professionals?

Excellent! Data compiled by the MCC office of Institutional Research and Planning reflects a 15.4 percent annual employment growth rate for health-fitness professionals within McHenry County alone. Time magazine recently ranked fitness as one of the top ten growth industries forecast for the next five to 10 years.

How long will it take to earn my certification and/or the HFE associate’s degree?

You can complete the FIT certificate program in as few as three concurrent semesters. The HFE associate’s degree is a two-year program, though many students who earn their FIT certificate opt to begin working in the fitness industry and take classes on the side toward their degree. It’s totally up to you and what your schedule permits. We offer classes at night and online, so it’s easy to work around other job or family commitments.

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What if I’m not sure about committing to the two-year degree?

That’s the beauty of this program! You can earn your FIT certificate now, then if you decide you would like to continue on, all your classes from the certificate will apply toward your degree.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Just go to www.mchenry.edu/financialaid for more information on current financial aid and scholarships available.

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I've already got a college degree, but I want to change careers. Do I have to start over?

No. In fact, many of our students have degrees in other subjects or have taken college classes already that can apply to the HFE degree.

What is the age range of incoming students?

The HFE program draws a diverse range of students in age, experience and education level. It’s a unique trait that we feel is a real strength of the program - you may share class time with high school graduates, retired adults, athletic coaches, college graduates, even doctors.

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