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Join the Environmental Action Club

We meet every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the Sustainability Center, C122.

If you can’t make meetings, join our mailing list to stay aware of what is going on with us. Email!

Culinary Green Curriculum

In a program this big, small changes make a huge difference!

  • All the tasting spoons we use are made from potatoes and are biodegradable
  • We love our Cryovac® Machine:  a food saver machine that helps us cut down on waste
  • The hand sinks all have motion sensors and low-flow faucets
  • We use re-usable containers instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil and bake with Silpat® mats instead of parchment paper
  • We only serve fair trade coffee in the Tartan Bistro

MCC culinary students grow their own produce

MCC culinary management students grow herbs and vegetables for class in this garden at Woodstock North High School.