Sustainability Center

McHenry County College embraces the definition of sustainability, as endorsed by The World Commission on Environment and Development:

Meeting the Needs of the Present Generation Without Compromising the Ability of Future Generations to Meet Their Needs.

MCC is in a unique position to lead the community as it strives to educate sustainably responsible citizens and reduce its carbon footprint. As an institution of higher education and a comprehensive community college, MCC strives to share its resources with the community and model sustainability. The College has a long history of providing community environmental education, and the goal is to continue on this path. Because of this, sustainability has been integrated into daily practices through the development of a Sustainability Center.

The MCC Sustainability Center is focused on three interconnected areas, which creates a holistic approach to sustainability:

  1. Green Campus including physical campus and campus operations
  2. Green Education that includes curriculum development for a green economy and training for employees and students about sustainable practices
  3. Green Community including how MCC shares with the community resources that improve quality of life