Commitment to Excellence

MCC is dedicated to providing a continuous educational opportunity to anyone in our community who seeks it. As the college that serves this community, MCC constantly aspires to excellence - excellence through anticipating change by quickly responding to the educational needs of our residents and businesses; excellence through building a community of learners who are transformed by their experiences; and excellence through delivering a quality experience via our programs and our people.

Step inside to know MCC better and learn why our commitment to excellence will help you succeed.

Strategic Planning

Definition of Student Success at MCC
At McHenry County College, it is our primary goal to help each student succeed. This success is driven by our students being engaged in educational activities to achieve a degree, a certificate, or skills that enhance their lives. See our graduation and transfer-out rates.
We can accomplish such success by creating a climate of community that is student-centered, engaging students both inside and outside of the classroom, and providing robust academic support services.
Definition of Excellence in Teaching at MCC
The faculty at McHenry County College share a commitment to creating a student-centered learning environment by providing a meaningful, transformative learning process using educational theories and practices that promote deep and enduring learning. This is accomplished through strength and ability in the following: subject matter, pedagogy, assessment and professionalism.
  • Strength and ability in subject matter includes proficiency in the discipline, currency and pursuit of professional enrichment.
  • Strength and ability in pedagogy includes creating a student-centered learning environment by designing and planning engaging curriculum.
  • Strength and ability in assessment includes using a systematic approach and evaluating the outcomes to inform teaching and make transformations.
  • Strength and ability in professionalism includes modeling professional ethics and academic rigor, encouraging professionalism in students and developing their employability skills.

Accreditation and Quality Improvement

Talent Development/Development of People

As an educational institution, McHenry County College is committed to education and development opportunities for all community members, including our employees. MCC employees are encouraged to take advantage of the various training and development opportunities offered, all of which are available to help enhance job skills and knowledge, increase efficiency and prime employees for other positions. At MCC, we believe that the quality of our programs and our people directly contribute to the success of our students.