Chef Sandra Johnston

Chef Sandra Johnston, a classically trained chef, is a part-time instructor for MCC’s Culinary Management certificate program. She also serves as the Director of Food Services at the College. Chef Sandra is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and has numerous years of experience in restaurant, country club, health care, test kitchen, and educational food service operations and management.

Chef Sandra combines hands-on learning with varied media application and demonstration to provide a learning environment in which to develop and apply skills and knowledge from the classroom to the Hospitality industry. She encourages students to develop their sensory skills through practice and knowledge, as well as their knowledge of current environmentally responsible and sustainable practices being applied within the Food Service and Hospitality industries. She challenges students to never be afraid to try new foods.

"I believe that food is not just meant to sustain us–but also to please us, entice us, teach us, inspire us, heal us, hurt us, entertain us, and bring us together. There is no limit to what you can do and learn in this or any other industry. You will continue to learn all your life if you let yourself. Keep your mind open and your creativity challenged. 

There are so many paths in this industry- be assertive to look for those paths and take every opportunity to learn from others & experience the diverse industry that you have chosen.

Be willing to try new things and new ways of doing things.  Don’t expect to start at the top- you must get your hands dirty first.  Most people learn best by “doing”, and you will need to practice, practice, practice if you want to be really good in this field."