Mission, Vision, Goals


Our focus is learning. Student success is our goal.


A Relevant Educational Institution

  • Preferred
  • Collaborative
  • Full service/varied modes of delivery on demand
  • Value-based/cost-efficient
  • Services all community including K-12
  • A leader in sustainability

Strategic Initiatives/Goals:

  1. Increase student engagement, completion, and success.
  2. Maintain the College's financial stability.
  3. Deliver infrastructure and technology to ensure state-of-the-art learning environments.
  4. Ensure high-quality services and learning opportunities through a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and accountability.
  5. Engage in partnerships that enable McHenry County College students to succeed in a global economy.
  6. Attract, develop, and retain quality instructors who are outstanding scholars/teachers and an excellent, diverse staff who are committed to the mission of McHenry County College.