About the CNC Machining Certificate

CNC is used in metals, wood and plastics fabrication throughout McHenry County.

Earn your CNC Machining Certificate and learn skills that are directly applicable in the operation of computer-controlled machines performing one or more machine functions on metal or plastic work pieces. Become familiar with CNC programming using G codes and conversational programming.

The courses in this Fast Track program are arranged in a sequence that provides optimal learning opportunities. You're required to follow the integrated program sequence.

Total Cost of CNC Machining Certificate

(in-district) Total Amount: $2,870.00

Credit Hours to Complete: 18

Weeks to Complete: 64

CNC Machining Certificate Requirements

What makes MCC's CNC Machining Certificate program better than or distinct from similar programs at other institutions?

In addition to the CNC Machining Certificate, we offer:

What you need to know about getting your CNC Machining Certificate (CIP 15.0411 )

Total CNC Machining Certificate Costs
  in-district out-of-district out-of-state international
Tuition $1,980.00 $6,807.00 $8,459.00 $8,459.00
Additional CNC Machining Certificate Costs $890.00 $890.00 $890.00 $890.00
Program Total $2,870.00 $7,697.00 $9,349.00 $9,349.00


What job opportunities are available to someone with a CNC Machining Certificate?

  • CNC Operator
  • CNC Machinist
  • CNC Lathe Operator
  • CNC Mill Operator
  • CNC Set Up Technician
Occupations that CNC Machining Certificate prepares you for
Occupation and Occupational Profile Link SOC Code
Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmers, Metal and Plastic 51-4012
Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal and Plastic 51-4011

How will MCC's CNC Machining Certificate program prepare me for my career or connect me to opportunities?

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