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Cisco Certification Preparation

Digital information grew by 5,000% in the last decade, but the number of IT professionals increased by only 1.5%. This means big opportunities for you in everything from smart grids to schools and government organizations to cloud computing. Get globally recognized Cisco certifications and differentiate yourself in the workforce!

As a member of the Cisco Networking Academy, MCC offers coursework that prepares you for industry standard certifications including Network+, CCNA and CCNA Security. Earn your certifications and apply for jobs like Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Network Security Administrator, and Computer Network Support Specialists.

Why take Cisco courses at MCC?

  • Small class sizes mean one-on-one interaction with the instructors. This is important especially considering the complexity of the Cisco material.
  • You'll benefit from having someone who is familiar with the work assist you in preparing for your exam.
  • Having real equipment to work on and someone to guide you through set up means you'll learn by doing.
  • The built-in structure of a formal course will keep you on track and you'll progress faster and at much more steady pace then you would if you were studying for exams on your own.

In addition to the Cisco Networking courses, we offer: