At McHenry County College, we all know our mission and our strategic direction. We understand how to describe our five strategic principles of quality, accessibility, affordability, innovation and accountability. These principles have become part of everything we do. However, it is not simple to define these concepts to everyone. Many of our constituents see the College from the outside looking in. They view what MCC offers from their viewpoint, not ours.

So, in March 2011, we began work on defining the MCC experience, or "brand," in order to better describe what the College is committed to in a way that is relevant to the many groups we serve. By consistently using the same language to describe our strengths and uniqueness, we ensure that the people we are trying to reach are aware of how MCC is relevant to their needs.

Similarly to how we incorporate our strategic direction into everything we do at the College, we must incorporate our brand into everything we say and do. This includes reference to the brand when making decisions and future planning for MCC.