Frog (Amphibian) Vertebra

Overall Functions

  • Very short due to the absence of a neck and tail
  • Majority of the movement in a frog is limited to the pelvic girdle for jumping in the vertical plane
  • There is limited movement throughout other parts of the vertebral column

Organization of Vertebra

Frog (Amphibian) Vertebra

Cervical Region

Cervical Region:

  • 1 vertebra
  • Function
    • Limits movement to dorsal and ventral motions
Dorsal Vertebra

Dorsal Vertebra:

  • 4 to 8 vertebra
  • No ribs


  • 1 vertebra
  • Function:
        • Increased movement at the sacroiliac joint
Caudal Vertebra

Urostyle: “Fused tailbone”:

  • Several fused vertebra
  • Function: stability
  • Similar to the coccyx in humans
  • Formed after tail lost during development