December 12, 2005 Meeting of the Board of Trustees, McHenry County College, District #528

December 12, 2005
Committee of the Whole Meeting
5:30 p.m.
Room A217
8900 U.S. Highway 14
Crystal Lake, IL 60012

1. Call to Order
2. Agenda Approval
3. Marketing Presentation
4. Board Speech Outline
5. Update on Campus Master Plan
6. Digital Media Curriculum Background Information
7. 2006 Board Meeting Dates
8. Fundraising for McHenry Corporate Center
9. Auditor Selection Process
  a. Committee Charge and Recommendation - 2003
  b. Request for Audit Proposals – Issued 2003
10. Request For Proposals Draft - Organizational and Operational Study
11. December Purchases
  a Furnishings and Audio/Visual Equipment for McHenry Site, Board Report #05-176
  b. Student Planners, Board Report #05-177
  c. Library Periodicals Subscription Services, Board Report #05-178
  d. Copier for Small Business Development Center, Board Report #05-179
  e. Contract Training, Board Report #05-180
   f. Renewal of Maintenance Agreements for Network Storage and Backup/Recovery Systems, Board Report #05-181
12. Nursing Education Program Feasibility Study, Board Report #05-183
13. Request to Join US Communities Government Purchasing Alliance and Renew
Office Dept Supply Contract, Board Report #05-170 POSTPONED 11/17/05
  a. Background Information about U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance
  b. Office Supplies Bid Tabulation from U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance
14. MCC Staff Job Descriptions and Salaries
15. Extended Library and Computer Lab Hours
16. Electronic Board Packet and Related Item
17. Board Report #04-45 Desktop Computers
18. Cash and Accrual Accounting
Survey of Illinois Community College Chief Financial Officers
19. FY 2007 Budget and Budgeting Process
20. Faculty Proposal for Sick Leave Bank Donations for Hurricane Katrina Victims
21. Open for Board Members
22. Closed Session
23. Adjournment

George Lowe