Student-Athlete of the Month - September 2015

Allyson Pietrusiak - Student-Athlete of the Month - September 2015

Allyson Pietrusiak

Congratulations to Allyson Pietrusiak earning the MCC Student-Athlete of the Month honor for September. The Huntley High School graduate is a returning sophomore on our women’s tennis team.

Allyson is completing her second season with the MCC tennis team. She is 5-0 in singles and 4-1 in doubles in September. She's led the team to a 3-2 record so far this season.

Coach Craig Shields states, “Allyson has been the rock of the team this year. Our success has been attributed to hard work by the entire team and Allyson has led that charge. She drives the ball deep and sets points up, exactly how tennis is meant to be played. She continues to improve in every aspect of the game.”

Academically, Allyson has adjusted well to college with high grades and good reports from her instructors. She consistently completes her required study hall hours. “I believe Allyson is well on her way to earning MCC Academic Athletic Honors this year. She has made a great transition to college, juggling academics and athletic demands. We love to see local student-athletes being successful here in the classroom and in competition. Allyson has a bright future, and we are thrilled we can be part of it,” adds Athletic Director Karen Wiley.

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