Checklist for Your Campus Visit

The general rule to follow for a successful visit to a transfer school is this: the more prepared you are for your visit, the more beneficial your visit will be.

  • Research the transfer school. Using the Internet or Peterson’s Guides (both available in MCC's Career Resource Center) find out if the school offers your anticipated major. See what special programs, opportunities, and scholarships are available for transfer student. Be sure to take note of breaks or holidays when the school may be closed.
  • Make an appointment for your visit by calling the school’s Admissions Office. Arrange a time to talk to a transfer counselor. Plan to spend no less then half a day for your visit.
  • Also make an appointment with an advisor in your major area to discuss:
    • Courses you will be taking in your major area upon transfer
    • Jobs students in your major area are entering after graduation from that school
  • Obtain a copy of your MCC transcript and the MCC catalog to take with you. Most transfer schools offer on-the-spot transcript evaluation for transfer students.
  • Allow time to walk around the campus, and soak up the atmosphere. Visit the library or recreational facilities that interest you. Ask yourself how comfortable you would feel on this campus.
  • Plan to tour a residence hall. Talk to students about the lifestyle in a dorm and eat a meal there. If you plan to live off campus, go to the Housing Office and pick up a list of housing facilities near to campus.
  • Prepare a list of questions to take with you on your visit.

These questions might include:

  1. What are your transfer policies?
  2. What are the costs (tuition/housing, etc.) of attending this school?
  3. What types of financial aid and assistance are offered at your school?
  4. What are your deadlines to apply for housing?
  5. Do you offer career/job placement assistance?
  6. Do you have evening/weekend classes? Can I complete my degree in the evening?
  7. What kinds of clubs/organizations/athletic opportunities do you offer?
  8. Tell me about your campus safety/security record.
  9. Can you evaluate my transcripts for transferability before I apply?
  10. May I "sit-in" on some classes?
  11. What support services do you offer (i.e. tutoring, health services, counseling, computer leasing, etc.)?
  12. How do transfer students typically perform academically, compared to native students?
  13. How long will it take me to complete my degree?