College and Career Success Tips

College Success Tips

Career Success Tips

  • Develop a good reputation among faculty and peers

    The most effective job search method is networking. Networking means finding out about jobs through people you know and being recommended by others for a job. Your college days are a perfect time to get to know your instructors and others who could be working in the same career field as you some day. Try these ideas to develop a good reputation to help you with networking in the future:

    • Meet with your instructors and ask them about the job market in your field, or ask them how you can do better in your class if you are struggling.
    • Go to your classes and arrive on time. strive to do all of your coursework and complete it on time.
    • Do your part when working with classmates on a group project, show an interest in other students and get to know them.
    • Get involved in campus activities, join a student organization, volunteer in the community or participate on campus. Go to the Student Life office for more information.
    • If you have a job while going to college, even if it’s not the kind of job you ultimately want, arrive on time, keep communication open with your employer, do the best work that you can while you’re on the job.

    The people you get to know in college are often those who you can list as a reference when you're job hunting, so developing a good reputation will go far to help you in your career.

  • Gain relevant experience while going to college

    Did you know that some employers say they would rather hire a person with a “B average” who has work experience than an “A student” who has no work experience? Having work experience is very valuable when looking for a new job. You can gain skills in the workplace that are different than the skills used in the classroom. Work experience helps you connect with people who can serve as a reference for you when you are searching for a job in the future. Experience related to your career field also helps you to confirm whether you like that career field. Remember work experience can involve paid employment, volunteer experience or even responsibilities in a student organization. Learn more about how you can gain valuable experience though:

    • Work Study employment (on campus employment for those qualifying through financial aid)
    • On or off campus employment.
    • An internship. Visit Career Services, or if you are working on a career program at MCC, ask your program coordinator if an internship is available for your program.
    • Volunteerism: talk to our Volunteer Coordinator about the type of experience you would like to do as a volunteer and get help finding volunteer opportunities.
    • Involvement in a campus club or organization, or participate in MCC’s Leadership Education and Development LEAD Program
    • Is working abroad or with people from other countries a consideration? MCC's Study Abroad program may give you valuable career-related experiences too. Link to:
  • Develop effective job search skills

    Preparing for a job not only involves learning your coursework, gaining experience, and developing skills such as time management and interpersonal skills; preparing for a job after college also involves developing higher level job search skills.  Job search skills involve knowing what kind of job to look for, preparing a résumé that will get an employer’s attention, knowing how to write cover letters, making a good impression during the job interview, learning how to find job openings, and planning a job search strategy.

Visit Career Services for more information.