Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

McHenry County College is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). This statewide agreement between many Illinois colleges and universities establishes a “package” of lower-division general education coursework accepted at all participating schools and is called the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC). Completion of the IAI GECC assures transferring students that lower-division general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree have been satisfied at any participating institution. A receiving institution may require an institution-wide and/or mission related graduation requirement beyond the scope of the general education core.

If a student transfers with less than the full IAI GECC, the general education requirements of the four-year transfer school may have to be completed, which may be very different from the IAI GECC. This agreement is in effect for students entering an associate or baccalaureate degree-granting institution as a first-time freshman in summer 1998 and thereafter.

The IAI General Education Core Curriculum consists of at least 12 to 13 courses (37 – 41 semester credits) chosen from five different categories.

General Education Courses at MCC PDF

The IAI GECC package is included in MCC’s AA degree.

AA degree planning sheet

Major Recommendations

The IAI also includes recommendations for appropriate lower-division coursework in specific baccalaureate majors. The Illinois Baccalaureate Majors’ Recommendations describe courses typically taken by freshmen and sophomores for specific majors, identifying prerequisite courses and courses in the major that a student may need to complete to transfer as a junior. These major course recommendations are meant for students who are undecided about a transfer school. Students who already know where they will transfer should work with an MCC advisor who can assist them in obtaining the information needed to develop an appropriate educational plan.

For more information about the IAI and the benefits of transferring with your IAI core met, students should see an advisor and visit the IAI web site,