Assistive Technology

laptop with headphones

Removing the barriers to learning

MCC provides the following assistive technologies to help you work around or compensate for specific learning challenges. These tools can help you become more independent in school and throughout your lifetime.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

A speech to text software that helps you dictate documents into a computer or digital voice recorder. It has full internet capabilities. It allows for on-the-go diction applications. Dragon remote microphone app can allow for a compatible connection in iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Dragon Naturally Speaking Video Overview


Magnification and screen reading software that offers magnification options for the visually-impaired student. This software also offers touch screen devices as well as enhanced screen colors for screen contrast. It has a screen reader option with internet accessibility. ZoomText Video Demo

Read and Write Gold

A text reading and writing program. Screen reader, word prediction, and fact finder. This software offers multi-writing tools. Read and Write Gold Tools Videos

Kurzweil 3000

A text to speech software that does more than read text; it also highlights text, creates voice notes, has word prediction, graphic organizers and more.

Video demo ZoomText, Dragon and Kurzweil 3000


Screen reader for the visually-impaired student or anyone looking to have text read.

Window Eyes

Screen reader for the visually-impaired student or anyone who would benefit from having text read to them.


A text reader that can enhance the spoken word from documents, text from the internet allowing accessibility from all online sources. Information can be listened to from an iPod or Pocket PC.

Natural Reader

Free screen reader that can convert text into audio files.


A tool that can be used as a writing instrument and a recorder. The unique part of this tool is that a student can tap anywhere on their notes to replay their information from that location on their page. Notes can also be downloaded to the computer or shared with other classmates. How to use the SmartPen

Reading Pen

A hand-held reading tool that displays text, plays back the text and assists with building word knowledge.

Digital Voice Recorder

Record class lectures or workshops with prior approval from instructor or facilitator. Audio can be uploaded onto your computer and saved into files for future review or can be printed off as a document. We have a DVR that has Dragon Naturally Speaking software which can offer hands-free dictation capabilities