Administrative Office Management Proficiency Exams

Before you start, you should know…

  • There is a $25 fee for each proficiency exam payable in Registration (A258).
  • Exams take approximately two to three hours.
  • Most exams require a written exam and hands-on demonstration.
  • Keyboarding exams include timed writings.
  • No books, materials, or cell phones can be brought to exams.
  • The business chair or instructor will grade your exam. Then the Records office will mail your results to you in about five to seven business days. (Verify with the enrollment processor that we have your current address and contact information in our system to ensure that you receive your results.)
  • You must score 80% or better on a proficiency exam to receive credit.
  • You may take each proficiency exam only one time.

The Proficiency Exam Process

  1. Pick up a Proficiency Exam Form from Registration (A258).
  2. There are five parts to the form. Fill out parts one and two with the assistance of the Enrollment Processor in Registration.

    For AOM 101, AOM 102, and AOM 145, you will then go to A122 for the Department Chair signature or to A124 for the Secretary’s signature on part three of the form.

    Once you have paid your fee, the enrollment processor will complete part four of the form.

  3. Schedule an appointment for your exam
  4. Bring your completed form with you to the exam.

Proficiency Exams offered

  • AOM 101 – Keyboarding I - Introduction
  • AOM 102 – Document Formatting
  • AOM 120 – Word Processing I
  • AOM 130 – Intro to Presentation Software
  • AOM 131 – Intro to Windows Spreadsheet Applications
  • AOM 145 – Office Practice