Bobbi Baehne

photo of Bobbi BaehnePresident, Think Big Go Local

Bobbie Baehne has been described as a results-driven volunteer—someone who’s “always working to build up local businesses and strengthen our local educational system and community.”

Bobbi graduated from MCC in 1995 with a degree in business. At the time, she had three kids ages seven, five, and three. Fast forward 10-15 years, and she was a single parent raising three rowdy teenagers. They weren't always the easiest bunch to manage, but somehow she always found a way to be a great mom and a great business professional at the same time.

Bobbi started building her passion for marketing and set a goal to own her own business. In the last five years, she has built a successful digital marketing firm, Think Big Go Local. She received the Engaging Speakers Victory Award for Excellence in 2016 for her ability to command a room with her speaking, training, and coaching. She is a very active member of the community and has a passion for helping other business owners as well as anyone aspiring to launch an idea or a company of their own. Bobbi also is a member of numerous professional and volunteer organizations in the community and dedicates countless hours to helping others.

Bobbi’s nominator noted the service hours she has donated throughout the county to non-profit organizations such as the St. Baldricks Foundation, for whom she built a website at no fee, and the ongoing training she donates to the TLC Veterans organization. She also provides services to small businesses that are struggling and in need of assistance to keep their doors open. She puts in endless volunteer hours at Fiesta Days to help onsite and to promote throughout the event through social media, she was instrumental in reorganizing the Richmond Spring Grove Chamber of Commerce to provide more support to local businesses, and she creates training programs and takes on speaking opportunities to assist small business owners in properly managing their social media to grow their business.