Wesley Crain

photo of Lieutenant Wesley Crain

Lieutenant, Village of Glenview Fire Department

Walk into any firehouse in McHenry, Lake and Northern Cook County and you'll meet firefighters who have graduated from the MCC Fire Science Academy and been taught by Lieutenant Wesley Crain. Simply put, Wes has made fire service better for many communities due to his selflessness and desire to teach, and many firefighters owe a great deal of gratitude to him for helping to shape their careers both individually and within their departments.

Wes’ own educational experience started at MCC in 2002 when he earned his associate’s degree. He went on to become an MCC instructor in the Fire Science Program and is currently the College’s interim department head for the Fire Sciences Department.

Wes has always put "service before self” when it comes to his job and family. He puts in countless hours, and he puts them in with a passion to make it better for the next generation of fire fighters. As a Lieutenant for the Village of Glenview Fire Department and Head of the Training Division, Wes makes sure he too continues to learn and spread his knowledge to all members. He has the ability to take new techniques and procedures and present them in a way that all generations understand. The Glenview Fire Department is an aggressive, well trained fire department thanks to Wes’ effort. And when the Glenview Fire Department has the opportunity to hire MCC Fire Academy graduates that learned from Wes, the department always gains personnel with a very good understanding of operations and expectations both in and out of the firehouse.

In addition to his full-time career at Glenview and serving as the lead instructor at MCC for the Fire Sciences Department, Wes also teaches for the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI).