Become a Summer-Only Student at MCC

If you've previously applied to MCC and paid the $15 fee, you do not need to re-apply. Please call Admissions at (815) 455-8530 to verify your status if you have questions.

If you've previously taken credit courses at MCC, please contact Advising for assistance (815) 479-7565.

If you've never attended MCC before…

  1. Apply for admission and pay the non-refundable $15 admissions application fee online
  2. Speak with your advisor at your four-year college/university for recommendations of courses to take at MCC
  3. Contact a recruiter at (815) 479-7732 or at with questions about classes or assistance with the application process
  4. If the course(s) you wish to register for require(s) prerequisites, send transcripts (high school or college) to the MCC Advising and Transfer Center. You must prove you meet the course prerequisite(s) before you can register
    • Transcripts do not have to be official*
    • Send transcripts to or by fax at (815) 479-7785
    • Transcript documentation must include your full name, the college's name and coursework with grade information
  5. Take placement tests if necessary
  6. Register for classes

    You may register online, or in person in Registration (A258)

  7. Pay your tuition and fees online or in person in Registration
  8. Buy books
  9. Request that MCC send your transcript to your school after finals

*We will not evaluate official transcripts for transfer of credit for summer-only students. Dual admission is not available.