Support Available Through Access and Disability Services

Eligible students may access support services each semester by completing an Accommodations Request Form available in A260, Access and Disability Services. We highly recommend that each student discuss accommodations with his or her instructor(s).

Snowy Day painting by Ed
Snowy Day, Ed Reitveld, Watercolor on finger paint paper, 11" x 17", 2007

We offer the following:


Tutors offer weekly sessions of small group tutoring for many MCC courses. Tutors can be reached at (815) 479-7639 unless otherwise indicated.

Executive Functioning Tutors

We provide free specially trained executive functioning tutoring to MCC students. Get concentrated, one-on-one attention focusing specifically on success skills to help make the transition to college less stressful and more fulfilling. Valuable skills such as; time management, study, multitasking, prioritizing and planning, daily problem solving and managing classroom behavior.

Call Lili O'Connell at (815) 455-8766 to ensure acceptance into the program, space is limited. Funded in part by a grant from the Grace Bersted Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee and an Illinois Community College Board – Special Populations Support Grant.

Note Takers

Many students who receive support through Access and Disability Services are eligible for a note taker in class. It is the student’s responsibility to ask someone in the class to be his or her note taker. Occasionally the student may need the assistance of the instructor when arranging for a note taker. The instructor might make an announcement that a note taker is needed and to stop by after class if interested.

Once the student finds a note taker, that note taker needs to stop by Access and Disability Services to complete the proper paperwork so he or she can be paid at the end of the semester. Special note taking paper is always available in A260. This paper is carbonized so the note taker can simply separate the pages and share their notes at the end of each class. In some cases it is not convenient to use this paper, so the notes may be copied in Access and Disability Services.

Extended Testing Time

Skating at Emricson by Michale Deibel
Skating at Emricson, Michael Deibel, Watercolor, 10" x 14", 2006

If a student requests extended time for tests and/or quizzes, instructors can handle the request in a number of ways:

  • Allow the student to begin the test before the class.
  • Allow the student to continue working on the test after class.
  • Send the test to the Testing Center, A245 for the student to take at no charge.

Test Readers

Test reading is done in A260. Please provide the following information when calling (815) 479-7548:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Course and instructor
  • Date and time to take the test

At least one week's notice is preferred. One of the test readers will schedule the time and day for the test.

Private Testing

Some students are eligible for private testing which is done in Access and Disability Services. Appointments for private testing should be made with the test readers by calling (815) 479-7548.

Alternative Textbook Formats

Students eligible for alternative textbook formats need to bring a receipt as proof of textbook purchase to the Access and Disability Services office as soon as possible. The Manager will arrange for an alternative format of the textbook and contact each student as it becomes available.

Classroom Aide

Students with limited mobility and/or visual impairments may be eligible for an aide in the classroom. The request should be made before the semester begins to give Access and Disability Services time to arrange for a student worker to provide assistance in the classroom.

Graduation Day painting by Ed
Graduation Day, Ed Reitveld, Acrylic on paper, 8" x 11", 2006

Sign Language Interpreter

Students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing may request a sign language interpreter for classes, tutoring, and college activities outside the classroom. Mary Bello coordinates sign language interpreting and can be reached at (815) 479-7512.

Assistive Equipment and Technology

A variety of assistive equipment and technology is available for eligible students. All requests should be made to Access and Disability Services, (815) 455-8766.

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