Start a New Student Organization

Looking to start a new student organization? Want to be involved but have other ideas of what to do? Visit Student Life to talk about taking on the rewarding challenge of creating a new organization. We want to help you discuss the goals and objectives of the new group and are a resource for you through this process to help make it a success!

How do I get started?

  1. Complete the application to charter a student organization
  2. Select an advisor
  3. Verify eligibility of members
  4. Create a mission statement and constitution
  5. Receive McHenry County College approval
  6. Be active!


What else should I know?

  • When you gather for meetings, socials, dances, service projects, community service, as an organization, you are representing the College. Keep this in mind during all activities and maintain a professional demeanor.
  • All members of a student organization who have been chosen, delegated or elected into a leadership role within the organization must have a minimum of a cumulative GPA of 2.5 the semester before, during and after the tenure of your role within the organization.
  • No organization members may obligate or commit the College in any way without discussing the matter with your advisor and/or the Coordinator of Student Life.

I have more questions about starting a student organization.

Review the Guide to Chartering a New Student Organization