Your Right-to-Know

MCC is legally obligated to make specific information about graduation rates and transfer-out rates available to you. Use this information to make an informed choice about attending MCC.

Student Right-to-Know legislation requires that we report the proportion of students who began their studies full time and who complete programs within 150 percent of the normal time required for completion. Three years for associate's degrees and up to two years for certificates is normal at a community college with two-year programs.

Fall 2014 Cohort of Full-Time Degree/Certificate Seeking Students1
  MCC State of Illinois
Student Description Students Percent Students Percent
Full-time, first-time, degree/certificate seeking 668 100.00% 28,477 100.00%
Completed a degree or certificate 193 28.89% 8,037 28.22%
Still enrolled following three-year period 67 10.03% 3,260 11.45%
Transferred to another institution 151 22.60% 6,308 22.15%
*Successful (completed, transferred, or still enrolled) 411 61.53% 17,605 61.82%
Other (left without completing or transferring) 257 38.47% 10,872 38.18%

1 Source: Illinois Community College Board GRS Reports 2018

*Sixty-six point one five percent of full-time students who began at MCC in Fall of 2014 are categorized as successful. Successful students are those who completed or transferred, or who were still enrolled within three years after entering a community college.

Retention Rate of Fall Students (2015 cohort)2
Student Description MCC Public Two-Year Colleges in Illinois
Full-time students 64% 62%
Part-time Students 45% 39%

2Source: National Center for Education Statistics 2017 Data Feedback Report. Comparison group is comprised of the following five community colleges: Black Hawk College (Moline, IL), John A Logan College (Carterville, IL), Lake Land College (Mattoon, IL), Lincoln Land Community College (Springfield, IL), Parkland College (Champaign, IL).

Retention is defined as students returning to the College in the next fall semester (i.e., enrollment in two consecutive fall terms).

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