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Head Women's Tennis Coach Jim Pierscionek

Co-coach Jim Pierscionek

Head Co-Coach: Jim Pierscionek

Coach Jim Pierscionek began co-coaching MCC Men's and Women's Tennis in 2008. Prior to coaching at MCC he was a recreational tennis player and coached his three children, two of whom qualified twice for the Illinois State High School Tournament. His son, Jeff Pierscionek, now coaches the Men's and Women's Tennis teams beside him. Pierscionek explains "Jeff and I share the duties with Jeff handling the technical teaching and I handle more of the tactical tennis training and the administrative piece."

In 2008, Pierscionek helped lead the men's team to fourth in regionals and the women's team to seventh place finish in the region. He states, "I believe our program will quickly become more successful. Both our Men's and Women's Tennis players have worked very hard to compete at a competitive level and we continue to be very proud of their individual and collective achievements."

The coaches are working hard to recruit and train players for the current and upcoming seasons. They would like to build highly competitive tennis teams capable of reaching the NJCAA Nationals. They want the best area players to share in that desire and join them in seeking conference and regional titles. Pierscionek states, "Our main competitive season lasts only about six weeks so it is not a huge time commitment, but when it's time to play we have to be ready to go."

In addition to coaching tennis, Pierscionek was a soccer club coach for eight years, managed a house/travel baseball team for five years and was an assistant basketball coach for the Woodstock High School feeder program.

Pierscionek holds an Associate in Arts Degree in Engineering and has worked for many years with United Airlines.

Head Co-Coach: Jeff Pierscionek

Head Women's Tennis Coach Jeff Pierscionek

Co-coach Jeff Pierscionek

Jeff Pierscionek began co-coaching the Men's and Women's Tennis teams with his father in 2008. Coach Pierscionek states that while the coaching arrangement is different from what most players are accustomed to, that the players have reacted very positively.

Pierscionek played competitive tennis for 15 years. He was a four year Woodstock High School varsity tennis player and he qualified for the Illinois State High School Tournament twice. He went on to play tennis at McHenry County College in 2003 and 2004 where he played number one and number two singles and number one doubles. He was a National qualifier both of the years that he played at MCC.

Pierscionek says that the outlook for both teams is very good, and that both coaches are expecting MCC tennis to compete for conference titles. "Beyond conference, we hope to succeed at regionals to get a chance to compete at NJCAA Nationals. We have very dedicated players and with their commitment and my playing experience, we plan to create a very competitive men's and women's tennis program."

Pierscionek received an Associate in Arts Degree in applied Science and a CAD Drafting Degree from MCC.

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Coaches: Jim Pierscionek and Jeff Pierscionek

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