Undergraduate Research Scholar Program (URSP)

The MCC Undergraduate Research Scholar Program (URSP) is a college-wide program that provides unique and interactive learning opportunities for MCC faculty and students.  URSP integrates undergraduate research into both the teaching and learning experience by providing support to students and faculty to pursue original research projects.  

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Program Description

Through URSP, faculty can recruit students to explore a topic of interest according the research standards of their particular discipline.  Likewise, students who would like to develop their own research topic may also seek sponsorship from interested faculty members.  Research topics must be original, and may include traditional inquiry methods, and may also include academic research within the applied arts (art, music, etc.) organized as an apprenticeship. 

Program Goals

URSP aims to accomplish the following:

  • To encourage students to become more engaged with subject matter
  • To further enhance critical thinking skills
  • To extend opportunities for faculty and student interaction beyond the classroom
  • To develop students’ research, communication, and leadership skills
  • To encourage student persistence and academic success
  • To inspire both inquisitiveness and original thought related to academic work


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photo of Facebook Marketing Presentation
Facebook Marketing presentation by Rebecca Olson and Joanne Pantin-Waite
photo of Rebecca Olson,Joanne Pantin-Waiteand Professor Sherry Ridge
Sherry Ridge, Rebecca Olson and Joanne Pantin-Waite
Photo of Boys must be Boys presentation
Boys must be Boys presentation by Kate Midday and Alex Woolard
photo of Kate Midday and Alex Woolard
Kate Midday and Alex Woolard
students doing research in the Undergraduate Research Scholar Program