Mandatory Employee Training

Prior to starting your first day at MCC, please complete two online training sessions: Confidential Information Training and Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training. Contact the Professional Development Hotline at (815) 479-7768 if you require technical assistance.

Confidential Information (FERPA) Training

Log On to Canvas

Begin by logging on to MCC's learning management system, Canvas.

  1. Enter your username – this will be emailed to you. It will most likely be your first initial and last name without spaces. For example, John Smith would be jsmith.
  2. You will be asked to create a password.
  3. After logging into Canvas, move your mouse over the word Courses and click on MCC Confidential Information Training in the drop down area.

Accessing Course Information

Note: Speakers or headphones are necessary for the audio portion. (Closed captioning is also provided.)

Select the Modules tab on the left side of your screen. Notice the following modules:

  1. Guidelines for Responsible Use of IT
  2. FERPA
  3. Physical security and access control
  4. Access to employee info

There are quizzes for each, except for Guidelines for Responsible Use which you are to review and sign.

Upon Completion of the Course

When you have successfully read through all four modules and completed the three quizzes with at least 90% proficiency, your scores are automatically recorded in Canvas and are tracked by Human Resources. Note: You may retake quizzes to improve your score.

Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training

Please contact Professional Development at (815) 479-7768.

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