Transcript of MCC Employee Giving Program

Dianna Torman, President of Prairie Community Bank
Foundation Board of Director
Education to Empowerment Member
“I volunteer my time and support the foundation because I believe in helping students pursue their education goals and their dreams.   The foundation is here to help and support the College's mission in student success.  This year they are asking faculty and staff to help by contributing to the Employee Giving Campaign, together we make a difference.   I believe MCC employees are a key component in helping with success of the foundation, college and community, with supporting the campaign you can truly make a difference in someone else's life.”

Dr. Bev Dow, Biology Instructor
“If the people at the foundation can tell the major donors that a 100 percent of MCC employees give back, that sends a powerful message.  It tells the community that we believe in the work we do here and we believe in the mission of this institution enough to help students financially, as well as educationally.”

Marianne Devenny, Dean of Enrollment Services
“I give to the foundation because I believe that education is the most powerful resource that will ultimately help people to change the world.”

Krecia Price, Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois Scholarship & Howard Forman Memorial Scholarship
“Thank you for making a difference.  I was able to take my last four classes to complete my associates degree and if I had not gotten my scholarship, I would not have been able to be a stress free as I was starting this semester so it help me pay for the class and my books.”


Lew Coffin, Vice President of Operations
Foundation Board of Director & Established Knaack LLC Scholarship
“Knaack is a manufacturing company with the 60-year history in Crystal Lake.  We believe in an educated workforce and that a strong manufacturing presence is good for the county and the region's economy. After learning of the caliber of the program and the students at McHenry County College, it was an easy decision to create scholarships in the manufacturing technology area.”

Caroline Sobolak, Resource Development Specialist
“I believe in higher education by contributing to the foundation, I feel like giving back to the students in my own community.  I take pleasure in hearing the stories of the students of whom I’ve helped and I believe that together we can make a difference.”

Thomas Beggs, Instructor of Graphic Arts
“I give to the MCC foundation because I feel that community colleges are extremely important and MCC as a community college is extremely important to its students.  I first went to a community college and it gave me all the information and benefits I needed to continue on to get a bachelor's degree as well as a master's degree and then continue on to teach graphic arts.”

Pat Stejskal, Director of Institutional Advancement
“You know over the years it's been great to be able to donate to the MCC foundation in honor specific individuals here, people who have proven with their lives their passion for making our students successful.”

Anna Gallagher, Education to Empowerment Scholarship
“This scholarship has meant the world.  It has inspired me and given me hope to propel on to the next step of my education.  I am so thankful to all the donors of this scholarship.”

Sam Zangara, Darla D. Trimble Memorial Scholarship
“Hi, I’d just like to thank you for the scholarship that I was awarded this semester it was a generous donation and it got me the opportunity to pursue my studies and work on my service learning projects. So I'd like to say thanks again, I appreciate the opportunity, your kindness will never be forgotten.  Thank you.”

Jessica Krueger
Sam Johns College Scholarship & McClain Family Nursing Scholarship
“I would like to say thank you to the friends of MCC foundation for helping me receive these scholarships.  It means the world to me.  I'm so excited to use them to better my education.”

 Krecia Price, Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois Scholarship & Howard Forman Memorial Scholarship
“Thank you for making a difference.”

Nicole Saenz –Sage Products & AAUW Scholarships
“Thanks for making a difference.”

Graham White, Eric Stricker Culinary Arts Scholarship
“Receiving the Eric Stricker Scholarship was one of the best things that's ever happened to me for my school career.”

Isabella Green, Amanda Fair Memorial Scholarship
“Thank you so much for the generous scholarship.”

Steven Scaliatine
Walker-Epping Scholarship
“Thank you for making a difference.”

Anna Gallagher, Education to Empowerment Scholarship
“Thanks for making a difference.”

Jessica Norberte, Eric Stricker Culinary Arts Scholarship
“Thanks for making a difference.”

Bernadette Namatovu, Women in Transition Scholarship
“Friends of MCC, thank you for making a difference”.