Why Give to the Friends of McHenry County College Foundation?

Because a college education has become almost a requisite in obtaining a livable income, we must do all we can to put this vital foundation within the reach of those who have the drive and the commitment to seek it. Too many young men and women have the dream of obtaining an education, but not the resources to make their dream a reality.

A donor’s support can provide many with the means to achieve their goals and become contributing members of our community. Scholarships provide for the best students; enable those who seriously apply themselves to their studies to remain in school; recognize academic achievement; and promote diversity among the student body. All of these efforts enrich our campus and ensure a higher- quality education for our students.

We need your help so all students have the opportunity for a quality education at McHenry County College.

Scholarships make education attainable for those who need financial assistance, and enable students to focus on schoolwork and learning, rather than on just trying to survive.

Support a student and give to a MCC scholarship – this is our chance to live beyond ourselves and make a difference in the lives of McHenry County students. Give, so a student can attend college; an adult can develop a new skill; a single parent can build a future; a family can achieve their dreams; and a community can have a lifetime of educational opportunities.

Help a Student Build a Future and Achieve a Dream!

  • In-district full-time student taking 12 hours per semester with fees (no books) the cost is $2,232 per year.
  • In-district full-time student taking 15 hours per semester with fees (no books) the cost is $2,790 per year.
  • There are more than 75 Foundation Scholarship opportunities available.
  • Average Friends of MCC Foundation scholarship award is over $700.
  • 100 MCC employees giving $5 per paycheck would support 5 students' full tuition for one year.
  • 10 MCC employees giving $10 per paycheck would support 1 student’s full tuition for one year.