Amy Ortiz Inspires Students to Appreciate Art's Influence in Society

"What isn't cool about art history?" wonders MCC art history instructor Amy Ortiz. More about Amy Ortiz »

Angela Sass, MCC Nursing Instructor

MCC Nursing instructor Angela Sass started out with a full-ride scholarship for pre-med, but half-way through the program, she realized that her passion was to make a difference in a patient's life. More about Angela Sass »

Ceramics instructor Inspires Students Through Pottery-Making

Tom Vician believes that clay can broaden an awareness of art making and change the way one perceives the world ... More about Tom Vician »

Matt Irie Teaches Painting as a Way to Communicate Visually

Matt Irie, Art Instructor, says "Painting is a way of communicating visually. Some people communicate better visually than with words-that's what painting is all about ..." More about Matt Irie »

MCC Instructors Take Students on Literary Journey Through Good and Evil

Longtime MCC instructors Jim Gould and Ted Hazelgrove are taking their students on an adventure to Middle-earth-and back again. More about Jim Gould and Ted Hazelgrove »

New Photo Instructor Brings Fresh Enthusiasm

Justin says, "I'm thrilled to be teaching at MCC because it provides me an opportunity for me to talk to my students about my passion of photography." More about Justin Schmitz »

Nurturing Student Artists for Over 18 Years

"I feel lucky that I teach at a community college, because of the diverse student body." More about Mark Arctander »

Officer Danielle Stevens

Officer Stevens continues to demonstrate leadership in the law enforcement community. In addition to her patrol duties, she teaches classes on Campus Safety, Women's Self Defense ... More about Danielle Stevens »

Ron Compton Helps Students Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

Ron Compton creates a positive, nurturing classroom atmosphere for speech students More about Ron Compton »

Sarah Sullivan Named 2017 MCC Full-Time Faculty Member

"I hope to inspire students to think of history as evolving and important. Our personal history explains why we are here and where we are, and larger historical events show how the country evolves." More about Sarah Sullivan »

Thomm Beggs Helps MCC students transform design skills into professional quality

MCC Graphic Design instructor Thomm Beggs helps MCC students transform design skills into professional quality More about Thomm Beggs »