Athletic Hall of Fame

2004 Hall of Fame

"To be inducted to the Hall of Fame with Coach Probst, I consider it a tremendous honor to be inducted," More about Sue Syljebeck »

2004 Hall of Fame

"Being inducted is a great honor," Pahl said. "It's more of a personal honor, but it was a team sport that got me the honor." More about Michelle Pahl »

2004 Hall of Fame

"I have wonderful memories and am very proud of the accomplishments we have all worked so hard to achieve over eight seasons. Being in the first class-first group to go into the Hall of Fame- that is More about Bill Probst »

2007 Hall of Fame

More about Andi Brooke »

2007 Hall of Fame

More about Tony Bacci »

2017 Hall of Fame

More about Tom Carle »

2017 Hall of Fame

More about Rick Peterson »

2018 Hall of Fame - Don Biere

More about Don Biere »

2018 Hall of Fame - Jody Kanaly

More about Jodie Kanaly »

2018 Hall of Fame - Ken Ruud

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2018 Hall of Fame - Matt Miller

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