Outstanding Sociology Student Award winner April Lavoie on some of her Sociology class projects
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Marriage and Family Sociology has helped me learn that housework should be shared between two individuals and that dual careers although they are stressful tend to be better than ones that are just the wife does all the work and the man goes out and is the breadwinner
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And divorce is less common when housework is shared. My research topic was on how full time working women are healthier than stay at home moms.
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The variables was married working, the working status of married females and the other variable was health. So would you say in general your health is good, fair, poor or excellent. My favorite activity done in Sociology class was the one where we got to go into groups and we thought of something that was out of the norm, out of the cultural norm, and mine was to go to a store and just buy one piece of candy from the little candy bins and it was really interesting to see everyone’s reactions. Most of the people were like you don’t have to pay for this or they kind of looked at each other and were really confused. They didn’t really know what was going on so, it was funny to see what they did, and then we got to present it to the class and got to see everybody else’s project.