I was approved by the McHenry County College Board of Trustees months before my starting date. I was able to make appearances once a week for the two months before I started full time as program chair of the culinary department.  My first impression was a feeling of welcome and a sense of need because I was filling a vacant position and taking the slack off of other colleagues. People were warm and friendly as I walked down the hallways. There was a sense of relief in their faces that the program chair was finally here.

I was able to attend McHenry Country College night and that was exciting and was a great way to mingle with my colleagues and to witness a professional and well trained school event in operation. I was proud that I was becoming a part of McHenry County College. I walked through the school and saw all of the accomplishments of the students across the walls it was heartwarming and proof that I was glad to be a part of this school. I believe through all of my resources and experience with education I will do my best to better the program and have a professional working relation with my colleagues.

My contribution to the community, colleagues, and students will be a student run restaurant called “Slainte”. I will work with the students to develop their skills and to make them feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen. We will use local farmers for some food products and publicize the farmers for their recognition and hard work.

My vision as a chef and educator is the integrity of the food, the use of local farmers, sustainability, strong foundation in food service, and management. I believe that working with the community and creating a program that emphasizes passion and tradition through the fine efforts of my colleagues teaching habits will be innovative and right on path with trends.

Chef Paul Tinaglia

spun sugar dessert
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