Knaack LLC Scholarship

Eligibility requirements: Applicant must plan to complete an associate degree or certificate at MCC. Applicant must be enrolled in 6 credit hours each semester in Technology/Manufacturing related studies. Applicant must provide a one-page essay that describes their educational and career goals, and how this scholarship would contribute to meeting their goals. Applicant must demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA and MCC application processes. Preference will be given to dependent children of Knaack LLC employees and residents of the McHenry College District 528.
Support provided: The scholarship provides up to $500 for each eligible student, for each semester. No payments made directly to students. The scholarship provides $500 for up to four (4) semesters. To maintain eligibility for awards after the first semester, the student must maintain a 2.5+ GPA, and successfully completed at least three quarters of the courses in which they enroll. The award monies may only be used for tuition, books (purchased from the MCC Bookstore) and fees(i.e., Registration, Course, Lab and Technology) for the semester awarded. Any unused portion will be returned to the fund.
Material to be submitted:
Applicant must complete the following: MCC Scholarship Application Form with signature and date, provide proof of completed FAFSA application, proof of 6 credit hours and one(1) page essay.

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For more information, please call (815) 455-8721 or visit the Friends of MCC Foundation, A209.