Running Start Frequently Asked Questions

Running Start is a program that enables eligible high school students to take college classes. The student enrolls in college classes for the purpose of earning both college and high school credit, or just college credit. All courses remain on the student's permanent college transcript.


What is it like to take a course at MCC

Once you enroll under this program and begin attending MCC, you're considered a college student. Faculty expect the same level of performance as expected of other college students.

What is MCC's academic calendar?

MCC operates on a semester system, which may be different from the high school academic calendar. Holidays the college celebrates and vacation periods may be different from high school schedules and you may be expected to attend classes at the college even though your high school in not in session.

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Is attendance in class required?

Though faculty may or may not take attendance, it's your responsibility to be prepared each day and meet all deadlines.

How different is the college classroom from the high school classroom?

Class participation is an integral part of college and most faculty require students to participate in classroom discussions which are taught at a much faster pace than classes in high school.

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Is there a lot of homework to do?

College classes demand approximately two hours of homework for each hour of class. Generally, there will be no classroom time for homework.

Is there transportation available for me to get to classes?

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from classes.

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