Frequently Asked Questions about Priority Registration


What is Priority Registration

Priority registration gives currently enrolled students who are nearest to degree completion priority when enrolling in the courses they need to complete their degree.

Why does MCC offer Priority Registration?

MCC is responding to the student feedback received from prior registration periods due to high volume and length of time necessary to register on the first day.

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When does Priority Registration begin?

Priority Registration for Summer 2015 begins Monday, March 9, 2015

How does this affect me as a student?

It will affect the first date that you can register for classes.

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How do I know when I can register?

View the Priority Registration schedule at

Unless you are a priority registration student, you will not be able to register for Summer 2015 until 8 a.m. on March 16, 2015.

Where can I register?

  • Registration is available online from anywhere.
  • Online registration via myMCC may also be completed at any computer on campus. Beginning at 8 a.m., students have access to computers in the Atrium, Library and Computer Lab (A127) in Building A, and the Computer Lab in Building E (E108). Access is also available on your laptop via "MCC Community" wireless network.
  • In-person registration is in A258, beginning at 8 a.m.

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Can I register from home?

Yes. Visit to register online from anywhere.

Can I bring my own computer/laptop to campus and register?

Yes. Wireless access to register will be available during priority registration.

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How do I register for a noncredit class during this time?

We accept telephone and in person registrations for noncredit (continuing and professional education) classes. Call (815) 455-8588.

Who can I speak with to verify my priority registration date?

If you have additional questions, speak with an advisor or counselor in A257 at (815) 479-7565 or (815) 455-8765 or an enrollment processor in the Registration Office (A258) at (815) 455-8588.

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Will the classes I'm taking right now count?

No - only college credits earned by January 30, 2015, will be included.

I plan to transfer and am concerned about getting the classes I want. Will MCC make an exception?

Your registration date will be determined by the number of earned college credit hours, MCC will not make exceptions.

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I have been out of school for more than one semester. When can I register?

Open (or general) registration for Summer 2015 begins 8 a.m. on March 16, 2015.

I am working or in class when registration begins on my assigned registration day. Can my parent register for me?

Yes, your parent or a family member may register for you, but the individual must have your student ID number. Only one registration is allowed per person (for example: an individual cannot register for him/herself and then subsequent individuals).

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When is tuition due?

You must pay in full, be on a payment plan or have adequate financial aid funds to cover all of your tuition and fees by April 16, 2015 for Summer 2015.

I am not currently enrolled in this semester. When can I register?

Unless you are a priority registration student, you will not be able to register for Summer 2015 until 8 a.m. on March 16, 2015.

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What if I have issues logging on to myMCC and/or forgot my password?

Make sure you are using the user name and password for myMCC. If you still have trouble, select What's my username or password? for help.

Why don't NAE classes have times or days on them?

The classes that may not have times and days are the clinical which are linked to the lecture classes. Clinical dates and times are posted on line as soon as they are determined. Since the college collaborates with a number of area long-term care facilities and nurses, it is not always possible to have firm commitments from everyone many months in advance. Dates, times and locations are not published until they are finalized.

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I am looking for a specific instructor for a class, but I cannot find his/her name.

Classes may not have instructors assigned to them at this time.

I registered for a class, and it tells me to register for another class in another department that I do not want. Why?

You likely registered for a Learning Community course (also known as a Twofer). Twofers are co-taught, interactive courses that combine various disciplines in an immersive learning environment. You must take both classes.

  • The content in classes is "linked" together (two classes in one)
  • You are required to attend the entire class time
  • If you are considering dropping, both classes will be removed from your schedule

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When do I have to pay?

You must pay in full, be on a payment plan or have adequate financial aid funds to cover all of your tuition and fees by April 16, 2015 for Summer 2015.

What if I have financial aid?

If you are eligible for financial aid, your award can be viewed on myMCC after you register. If your award is not on myMCC, contact the Office of Financial Aid at (815) 455-8761.

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It says that I did not complete a prerequisite course, but I am sure I did.

Contact the Advising Office (A257) at (815) 455-7565. Proof of prerequisite completion is required.

I tried registering for a course and received a message that instructor consent is required for the class. What do I need to do?

You must contact the instructor or the department secretary to get a permit for the class before you will be allowed to register.

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Why couldn't I register for Chemistry 165 class; I get a message that tells me that I have not met the prerequisites?

The prerequisite is one year of high school chemistry with a C or above. You will need to contact the Advising Office (A257), or call (815) 479-7565.

Why does it state that I have not met the prerequisite for a math class that I want? I passed Math 099, so why can't I register?

The class also requires you to take a geometry class. If you believe you have met this requirement, contact the Admissions Office (A262), or call (815) 455-8530.

A copy of your high school transcript is required as proof of passing the high school geometry class.

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Why am I being charged out-of-district rates?

In order to be charged in-district rates, you must be a resident of the MCC district for at least 30 days prior to the start date of the semester. It is required that you show proof of residency. MCC will accept any one of the following as proof of residency (it must have the student's name - not the parent or spouse):

  • Illinois Drivers License
  • Illinois State ID
  • Lease
  • Mortgage
  • Utility Bill
  • Voter Registration Card
  • In-district high school transcript proving attendance at the high school the semester immediately previous to entering MCC
  • Library card only from the following libraries: Alden, Cary, Crystal Lake, Fox River Grove, Harvard, Hebron, Johnsburg, Marengo, McHenry, Oakwood Hills, Richmond, River East Library, Ringwood, Solon Mills, Spring Grove, Union, Wonder Lake, and Woodstock

We cannot charge in-district rates until proof of residency has been presented. Proof of residency is required for all current or former students changing from out-of-district to in-district and ALL new students.