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Mark your calendar now for January 30, 2016.  Our half-day event is open to everyone and there is no fee for admission.  The forum includes both workshops that provide helpful information and almost 60 exhibit booths from government and social service organizations.  Whether you are a caregiver, employed in the field of social services, an educator, health care professional, a faith organization, community volunteer, or looking to resolve issues within your own family, you will walk away with helpful materials and new information. All participants receive a People in Need Resource Directory and/or a flash drive free of charge.  Come be a part of the People in Need Forum where participants are connected to valuable community resources.

On behalf of the People in Need Steering Committee and Supporting Organizations, we would like to thank everyone for their interest and participation in our January 31, 2015 event.  Whether you were an attendee, an exhibitor, a speaker, volunteer, or graciously provided a donation to make the Forum possible, we greatly appreciate the part that you played.  We had more than 58 exhibit booths, 42 speakers and 40 volunteers all participating in our 12th annual People in Need Forum.  With sunny skies but cold temperatures, the crowds turned out for us once again.

Here are just a few comments written on the evaluations:

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The People in need Forum reminds the community of the many human service needs that need to be addressed in our county. I thank the many volunteers and service providers that understand the need and work so hard to do their part to meet this demand. By working together we can make a difference in our local community

– Steve Otten
Executive Director
United Way Greater McHenry County

The People In Need Forum is a phenomenal event. It is an effective way for people to learn about McHenry County’s wide array of social services and resources for those who need assistance. The speakers are knowledgeable and the resources are endless. It is definitely an event to attend whether you are a professional or the person in need!

– Sandy Montalvo M.A., LCPC,
Supervisor of Social Services, Centegra Health System

I attended the People in Need Forum for the first time in January 2013. I was amazed. To have so many services at our finger tips in McHenry County was such an Aha moment for me. We are truly blessed in this county and should share this information with everyone!!

- Nancy Tunberg, Vice President-Branch Manager
First Midwest Bank

The People in Need Forum is the most comprehensive, helpful tool McHenry County Citizens have at their disposal to see what assistance there may be for themselves and/or their loved ones.

- Tina Hill
McHenry County Board

The People in Need Forum is a wonderful opportunity to get to know resources in our community in a meaningful way.

- Suzanne Hoban, Executive Director
Family Health Partnership Clinic

PIN is McHenry County’s premier health and human service informational and networking event. There is no better way to learn about the various services available in McHenry County.

- Scot Block, Executive Director
McHenry County Mental Health Board

The People In Need forum is a wonderful resource for everyone involved is advocacy. McHenry Township helps with emergency needs like utility shut-offs, medication and eviction notices. Helping residents navigate the complicated system for assistance and needed services is more valuable than the dollars we distribute for unpaid bills. It is the information and training from PIN and it’s agency participants, that helps us assist our residents

- Donna A. Schaefer

I strongly feel this event is very helpful for providers in understanding the many other services (and helpful people) available throughout the area. It enables me to better direct “people in need” to the appropriate service agency for help when I, as a Township Supervisor, see general assistance cases with varying degrees of personal hardships.

The resource manual is an “excellent” document which I depend upon and use regularly in my job. I wish I could encourage more of my supervisor colleagues to take advantage of this well worthwhile forum!

- Steve Weskerna, Supervisor
Marengo Township

I became involved with PIN about 3 years ago. I came to the forum as a booth to help spread the word about our food pantry and what we have to offer. This forum is so critical to the McHenry County area!!! There are so very many folks without jobs and without income. This forum helps those folks know about what resources there are in their own communities that can help them with various types of assistance.

There is such wide range of organizations and topics at the forum that you can find help, answer and referrals to whatever type of assistance a person may need. I am very proud to be a part of this forum and will continue to help in whatever way that I can!

- Kim Halper, Coordinator
Neighbors Food Pantry of Wonder Lake, IL

Thanks for all of your committee’s hard work. With everything running so smoothly, sometimes we forget the hours of preparation needed to make such a successful event happen!

I would be happy to present next year and my staff have been inspired to commit to a booth if one is available.

- Julie Biel Claussen, Executive Director
McHenry County Housing Authority

A healthy community is an interconnected community. One where people are not only engaged but also well aware of their resources. People in Need Forum is a vital part of ensuring we remain connected, committed and solution focused for the good of all of our community members.

- Mary Margaret Maule, President
Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce

The forum connects individuals in need, who may not know where to go or how to get assistance, to community resources and important information. The day is full of informative sessions and knowledgeable people willing to share about their organizations and the services they provide.

- Wendy Yemm, Coordinator
MCC Conferences and Facility Rental
McHenry County Community Foundation  First Midwest Bank
  Northwest Herald  Friends of McHenry County College Foundation  League of Womens Voters of McHenry County    McHenry County College