Unofficial Program Evaluation (Degree Audit)

The Program Evaluation (degree audit) program produces an evaluation of your coursework towards meeting your degree or certificate requirements at MCC. This report does not take the place of an official audit by MCC graduation auditor, nor does it take the place of regular advising sessions with department chairs and academic advisors to determine future course selections and to confirm graduation requirements. It is a tool to use with your academic advisor or department chair.

The program audits against the catalog year in which you applied to MCC. If that catalog is not entered into Program Evaluation, the audit will not be produced and you will have to choose the "What if" scenario to change your catalog year.

To view your unofficial Program Evaluation (degree audit),

  1. Log on to myMCC
  2. Open the Students Menu in My Tool Box
  3. Select Academic Profile and then Program Evaluation
  4. Select an Active Program
  5. Click Submit
  6. OR, run a "What if" scenario by using the drop down menu to select a degree or certificate
  7. Click Submit
  8. Select a catalog year
  9. Click Submit

To print your Program Evaluation,

  1. Select File from the Internet Explorer menu
  2. Select Print Preview
  3. Select 60% from the drop down menu and then the printer icon.

Unofficial Program Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

What is Program Evaluation?

Program Evaluation is a tool to help you determine progress toward an MCC degree or certificate. It's an unofficial audit that outlines each requirement and shows which have been met and which are still needed to graduate. It helps you work with your advisor in planning your schedule, registering for classes, and completing your degree or certificate for graduation.

Is Program Evaluation an official record of progress toward my degree or certificate?

No. Program Evaluation is an unofficial audit. While every effort is made to ensure the automated Program Evaluation is accurate, discrepancies may occur. Official audits are completed by the Credentials Evaluators. Program Evaluation is a tool and should be used along with guidance from your academic or departmental advisor.

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Does Program Evaluation take the place of my academic or departmental advisor?

No. Program Evaluation is not designed to replace academic or departmental advisors. It is a tool designed to help you and your advisor make more productive use of your time. It is your responsibility to know graduation requirements and to meet with an academic or a departmental advisor to help you determine course selections and to confirm graduation requirements.

Are grade changes or changes to my schedule reflected in Program Evaluation immediately?

Yes! Program Evaluation is real time.

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Can Program Evaluation tell me if I am eligible to graduate?

Eligibility to graduate is determined by completing and submitting an Intent to Graduate form. Approval for graduation is confirmed by the Credentials Evaluators.

Program Evaluation can help you and your advisor to assess progress toward your degree; however, it is not a graduation audit. It is intended as a guide but does not replace your academic or departmental advisor. It's necessary to meet regularly with your advisor to discuss your progress toward the best path to success in your studies.

One of my courses is missing from Program Evaluation or is not counted as meeting a requirement. What should I do?

Program Evaluation is a tool to help students and advisors see which requirements have been completed and which requirements are still incomplete. Please see your advisor as soon as possible if you believe there's an error on your Program Evaluation.

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My Academic Program in Program Evaluation is wrong. How do I change it?

If your Academic Program in Program Evaluation is incorrect, you must complete the Change Academic Program of Study form, which is in the Advising and Transfer Center, A257.

I received a waiver for one of my degree requirements, but it's not appearing on my audit. What should I do?

Academic exceptions (such as waivers) are loaded into Program Evaluation after advice has been received from a counselor or a department chair. If you've had a requirement waived and it's not showing in Program Evaluation, please see an advisor.

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The requirements for my major have changed and Program Evaluation is showing the old requirements. Why?

The Program Evaluation audits against the catalog year in which you applied to MCC. Choose the “What If” scenario to change your catalog year. Not all catalogs are entered into Program Evaluation.

Please note: For students who re-enter MCC after a break in their education that exceeds three consecutive years, course requirements are defined as those contained in MCC's catalog at the time of re-entry. The Program Evaluation does not see the break in education. It will use the catalog at time of your initial entry. Make sure you are using the correct catalog in Program Evaluation.

I repeated a course to improve my grade. Why are both courses appearing in Program Evaluation and calculating into my GPA?

Courses repeated prior to 2004/05 and courses that have gone through prefix or number changes must be manually corrected by MCC's Coordinator of Records. Please report repeat courses to your advisor.

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Why is my transfer coursework not appearing in Program Evaluation?

An official transcript evaluation can take approximately four to six weeks. Transfer courses appear on Program Evaluation with a "TE" notation. Transfer courses without direct equivalents to MCC courses appear with special transfer coding and are applied to appropriate degree or certificate requirements. Report concerns about your transfer coursework to your advisor.

I received transfer credit for an MCC course, but I decided to take the course at MCC anyway. The Program Evaluation shows credit for both courses. Why? Can I receive credit for both courses?

You cannot receive transfer credit for the same course in which you receive MCC credit. Both courses cannot be applied to your degree requirements. You must notify the Credentials Evaluators if you decide to take the course again through MCC. Please contact an MCC advisor if you notice that both the transfer course and the MCC course appear on your audit.