Is Distance Learning Right for You?

Use this online readiness assessment tool to gauge whether or not distance learning is right for you

Distance learners tend to be busy people who take advantage of online delivery method to pursue their educational goal. We want you to be successful in your distance learning courses.

Take the SmarterMeasure, online readiness assessment survey to check your preparedness for distance learning courses. Learn about your learning attributes, styles, skills and areas you might want to focus on in order to succeed in your distance learning.

Please note that after completing the survey, you will receive a full-color report immediately. Your score will not prevent you from registering for online courses but will provide you and MCC admission team with information and tools to help you succeed in your online courses.

The SmarterMeasure assessment is easy to take!

Log on to

  1. Choose the correct username from the dropdown list
  2. Use scots as the password

This online assessment takes about 20 to 35 minutes of your time, but is critical to your success in distance learning courses. We encourage all students planning to take a distance learning course to complete this assessment prior to enrollment.