Distance and Online Learning

Distance learning is a formal approach to learning in which the majority of the instruction occurs with the instructor and students separated by geographic distance and/or time.

Distance learning offers you the flexibility of completing some or all of your coursework and learning activities without having to regularly attend classes on campus. Get an education and enrich your life without sacrificing your personal life and/or professional career!

Is Online

Your Online Course Options

Online Courses

  • Experience courses taught on the Internet using MCC's online course management system.
  • Review course materials, participate in class discussions, turn in assignments and take quizzes online.
  • Students enrolled in online courses pay in-district tuition regardless of residency. (In-district tuition rate does not apply to blended and self-paced online courses.)

    Blended Courses

    • Meet on-campus for a reduced amount of time and experience the rest of the course online.

Self-Paced Online Courses (SPOCs)

  • Formerly known as Telecourses.
  • Interact with instructors via MCC's online course management system, telephone and/or campus visits.
  • Focus on the same learning objectives as you would in traditional online courses with fewer hard deadlines within the semester.
  • Enjoy the scheduling flexibility of multiple start dates.

Benefits of Online Learning