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Experience Paranormal Fall Hauntings at McHenry County College

[Friday, September 22, 2017]

Join McHenry County College for some ghoulish fun and excitement with two intriguing classes: Exploring the Paranormal and Haunted Hallways, both facilitated by a professional paranormal research organization. Also, find out what paranormal activity lurks in the corridors and classrooms at MCC.

The following classes are available:

Exploring the Paranormal: The Society for Anomalous Studies (SAS), a paranormal research organization, will highlight their experiences and evidence from 15 years of investigations and study. SAS members will talk about the history of paranormal research as well as the techniques and equipment they use to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Hear and see evidence that SAS has captured from abandoned prisons, asylums, historical mansions, and haunted locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. Listen to the case reports, review the evidence, and make up your own mind. Class takes place from 7-8:50 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 6 in the Bersted Lecture Hall, Room A240. Cost is $19 per person. Use course code: NRE S53 002 to register.


Haunted Hallways: Discover what paranormal activity lurks in the corridors, classrooms, and offices of MCC. The Society of Anomalous Studies, a paranormal research group, conducted an in-depth investigation of the MCC campus and what they found will astonish all. First, listen a presentation about how they gathered the paranormal evidence, plus listen to some of the chilling recordings that are evidence. Next, retrace the steps of the researchers to explore each location where the recorded paranormal activity took place. This experience may change the way one thinks about the paranormal. Class takes place from 7-8:50 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27 in Room A103. Cost is $19 per person. Use course code: NRE S58 001 to register.


To register, call the MCC Registration Office at (815) 455-8588.  For more information, call Tracy Berry at (815) 455-8758 or Christine Barnes at (815) 455-8717.

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