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Tips for Logging on to myMCC

First Time Logging onto myMCC

  1. You will need to change your password.
    Important: Be sure to use Internet Explorer when changing your password. Internet Explorer®
  2. Check the box, "I want to change my password (required for first-time logon)"
  3. Enter the username and password that MCC has emailed you.
  4. Click on the LogOn button
  5. changing password in myMCC

  6. Enter the password you were that MCC has emailed you.
  7. Follow all the rules for creating a new password. Your password …
    • Must be at least seven characters long
    • Must contain characters from ALL of the following categories:
      • English uppercase characters (A - Z)
      • English lowercase characters (a - z)
      • Base ten digits (0 - 9)
      • Non-alphabetic characters are: ! # $ % & * ( ) - _
      • Cannot contain three or more letters from your name
    • Changing your password in myMCC

  8. If you are having trouble logging on, check our tips below.

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Contact the Call Center at (815) 455-8457 if you have trouble logging in.
Contact Registration at (815) 455-8588 if you have trouble registering.